For most people, bigger is always better, and that is also true when it comes to building your own PC. Today’s gaming rigs are so powerful that they can render realistic graphics and run modern games at a staggering frame rate.

However, with all that power also comes great drawbacks, most notably overheating. To prevent your computer’s internals from frying and keep them at the optimum operating temperature, you will need a couple of pieces of the best 140mm case fan.

Many brands sell 140mm case fans, but not all of them are as good as the others. You need to know what you have to look for when shopping around for parts so you can be sure that you will only be getting the best for your gaming PC.

Here are some of the things that you need to look out in Choosing the best 140mm case fan

1. Air Circulation

The reason why you’re getting the best 140mm case fan is because you want air to circulate properly inside the case to keep the temperature low. You need to choose the best 140mm case fan that is powerful enough to keep the air inside the case moving, and you may need another fan to draw the warm air out of the system.

2. Power Draw

High-end gaming PCs are power hogs, which is why you need to make sure that the power supply can handle all the components. Gaming PCs need the best 140mm radiator fan to prevent them from burning up, and they also need to draw electricity from the power supply.

3. Lifespan

The cooling fan obviously has a couple of moving parts so it is subject to more wear and tear than most of the other components of the PC. That said, you need to choose a case fan that guarantees that it will last. You need to choose the best 140mm case fan that will last you a long time. Note that if it somehow conks out on you, and you didn’t notice it soon enough, your entire system will overheat.

4. Aesthetics

Cooling fans are not just meant to cool the gaming PC in the literal sense. You can also use it to make your rig a whole lot cooler. Many case fans out there do not only provide reliable performance. They are also kind of cool.

​Now that you have an idea on what to look for in a 140mm case fan, here are a couple of them that might interest you.

Top 5 Best 140mm Case Fans Reviews




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Noctua 140mm Premium Quiet Quality Fan with AAO Frame Technology (NF-A14 PWM)
Noctua 140mm Premium Quiet Quality Fan (NF-A14 PWM)

This is a premium quality quiet 140mm fan and is an elite choice for users who strive to strike a perfect balance between excellent cooling capacity and superb quietness of operation

Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 140mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases and Radiators
Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 140mm Silent Fan

Case cooling is becoming more essential these days. The better airflow inside your system, the cooler and more stable system you will get.

Noctua NH-D15 6 heatpipe with Dual NF-A15 140mm fans
Noctua NH-D15 6 heatpipe with Dual NF-A15 140mm fans

Topped off with the trusted, pro with Excellent component cooling and asymmetrical design for high compatibility

Corsair Air Series AF140 CO-9050017-BLED 140mm 1500 rpm Quiet Edition High Airflow Fan (Blue LED)
Corsair Air Series AF140 CO-9050017-BLED 140mm 1500 rpm
This case fan is one of the best product in PC market with superior cooling performance and LED illumination
Corsair Hydro Series H90 140 mm High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Corsair Hydro Series H90 140 mm High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Activity like a dream. Quiet and efficient, high performance CPU cooling for 140mm fan mounts

Noctua 140mm Premium Quiet Quality Fan with AAO Frame Technology (NF-A14 PWM)

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The feature that sets Noctua’s cooling fans apart from their rivals is their ability to run silently even at top speed. You’ll enjoy using it because it performs its functions without producing noise.


  • Has exclusive Integrated Anti-Vibration Pads – These refer to soft silicone pads that effectively lessen the amount of vibrations transferred from the fan blades to the frame.
  • Works silently - You will not even notice that it’s running. You won’t hear anything nor will you feel any vibrations coming from it because of the pads.
  • Utilizes Noctua’s patented SSO2 bearing system - This means the rear magnet of the brushless motor is quite near the axis, making the blades rotate precisely and more stable than the other fans in this list.
  • Fan blades and motor have better operating lifespan


  • Moves less air than the fan’s classic version

The good thing about this 140mm case fan is that it also has patented stepped inlet, further improving its efficiency. This revolutionary design adds a bit of turbulence to the incoming air, making the transition from laminar to turbulent flow a bit easier. This further reduces the noise generated by the fan, reduces wear and tear, and improves suction.

Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 140mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases and Radiators

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Don’t let the simple looks of the Cooler Master 140mm fool you. This is actually very powerful and efficient, clearly deserving of the title of one of the best 140mm case fan models. Cooler Master has been in the cooling solutions game for a long time and they brought their mastery in the simple, yet effective Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 140mm.


  • Large case fan but with quiet operation - It only generates 16 dBA of noise at full tilt, which is almost undiscernible. Even the vibrations the fan makes are hardly noticeable.
  • Can generate 60.9 CFM of airflow, which can ensure that air will circulate properly inside the case.
  • No need to worry about overheating rig if you use another as an exhaust
  • Has good static pressure, making it ideal for restricted areas, such as filters behind the fans
  • Features an extensive set of accessories, like the 3-pin extension, rubber screws, fan screws and LNA adapter


  • Plain-looking – It is just a scaled up, regular cooling, so it’s not a good choice if you’re searching for one, which will add style to your gaming rig.

However, if you’re the kind of person who’s more into substance rather than style, and you’re thinking of making a stealthy-looking rig, this affordable cooling solution may just be the perfect choice.

Noctua NH-D15 6 heatpipe with Dual NF-A15 140mm fans

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If you are looking for a heavy-duty cooling fan, look no further than the Noctua NH-D15, probably the best 140mm case fan that you can buy. The great thing about this fan is that it is actually two 140mm fans stuck together.


  • Features a PWM so you can automatically adjust the fans’ speeds to suit your computing needs. For heavy gaming, crank up the speed to the maximum and enjoy lag-free gaming for hours. Lower the speed to the bare minimum if you will only be doing light work, letting you save energy while still maintaining optimal operating temperature.
  • Features a 6-heatpipe radiator design – This can effectively draw out and dissipate the heat from the processor, keeping it within its optimum working temperature.
  • Also has an asymmetrical design, which aids in the better circulation of air inside the case
  • Easy to install and has clear instructions for every platform


  • Fairly large, which is quite subjective - If you already have a cramped tower case with wires hanging everywhere, you may find it hard to fit the NH-D15 inside. You need to allocate enough space for the cooling fan to operate properly.

This 140mm case fan probably one of the best air coolers in the market. Be careful with the size of this monster. It is huge. If you have a large computer case, this shouldn't be a problem at all. The size of the cooler helps with its performance.​

Despite that, the fan still has a great built and can perform better than the others, making it an efficient choice.​

Corsair Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition 1200 RPM High Airflow 140mm Fan - Blue LED (CO-9050017-BLED)

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Corsair has been known for making excellent computer peripherals, and the AF140 is no different than their other products. This 140mm case fan may not be as quiet as the other ones mentioned in this list, but at just 25.5 dBA, it is still practically silent and will not distract you from gaming at all.


  • Gives you freedom to adjust the voltage to reduce the fan speed and further reduce the noise
  • Has custom-designed blades that guarantee high-volume air delivery without creating too much turbulence
  • Features LED lights in the frame – You also have several choices for the LED lights, so you can surely find one that will make your rig complete.
  • Nice design, which provides a bit of personalization to any PC you put this case fan in
  • Delivers an excellent performance


  • Not as quiet as the other brands and models in the market

Prior to buying, take note that the fan works well when placed in an unrestricted area on the case, like on the top or rear, as they need at least 3cm of clearance. This means you really have to plan ahead or do some cable management to procure enough space for the AF140 should you want to get one for yourself.

Corsair Hydro Series H90 140 mm High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

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Sometimes circulating air is not enough to keep your PC’s processor and other components cool, and this is where systems like the Corsair Hydro Series H90 will come in handy. Just as the name suggests, the H90 is a water cooling system for your PC, and as you may already deduce by now, it is much more efficient than conventional case fans.


  • Has more surface area than its other smaller counterparts – This makes it efficient in cooling the water circulating inside the tubes, so it doesn’t need to spin as fast to deliver the same airflow
  • Copper cold plate, allowing heat to dissipate equally over its surface
  • No risk of tubes leaking and causing all sorts of damage in your treasured PC – It’s mainly because the tubes used for the H90 140’s system are quite flexible and have low permeability. Expect it to last for years without giving you any grief. You can even bend and twist them whichever way you want and they still won’t rupture and leak.
  • Has a mounting system, which you can adjust to accommodate whatever case or processor you’re using.


  • Does not come with short mounting screws

If you’re in search of a best 140mm case fan, which does efficient cooling and performs just like how you expected then Corsair Hydro Series H90 140mm might be a good choice as its benefits outweigh its minor drawbacks.


140mm case fans are some of the largest fans that you can buy and install on your gaming PC. They are also among the most important peripherals in the system. You will need to use the best 140mm case fan to make sure that your prized gaming PC will not succumb to the heat generated by its components.

Although some of the entries were quite on the cheap side, you should at least consider spending a bit more money on cooling case fans. Now that you learned what details you have to keep an eye open for while shopping for computer parts, you have more or less guaranteed that your PC will run smoothly for a very long time.