The demand for case fans is increasing at present because many are already aware of how useful these are in dealing with the potential damaging effects of your PCs excessive energy consumption. The heat that your PC accumulates is extremely high, especially if you constantly use it for a prolonged period. In that case, you need a tool that can cool it down efficiently to prevent damaging its parts.

​The best 200mm case fan can be the ultimate solution for that problem. It’s mainly because it is bigger, produces more air, and is less noisy compared to the other sizes. Since it is not ideal to integrate multiple fans as this can cause the production of too much noise, getting the best 200mm case fan, which can perform the function of several fans integrated together, is a wise move.

What to Look for in a 200mm Case Fan?

When searching for the best 200mm case fan, avoid being blinded by the first product introduced to you. You have to carefully check all your options to pick one, which is guaranteed to meet your requirements and preferences. Here are some features and factors to look for:

1. Cooling performance and noise level

Spend time checking the cooling performance of the unit, as well as the sounds it produces when in operation. Go for one which can deliver high air flow and low noise level. This will guarantee the outstanding dissipation of heat while also promoting a quieter operation.

2. Fan blades

200mm case fans with large fan blades also promote more airflow while also minimizing noise. You’ll also find models with aerodynamic fan blade design. This is an advantage because it aids in minimizing turbulence.

3. Rotational Speed

Some models feature 3-speed switch, which you can use in making the most out of their cooling ability while pairing this up with their quiet performance. Models with double ball-bearing design can be expected to have longer life while those with 4-pin connector can provide a more convenient connection into the power supply.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

When making your choice, you have to study all the features in each of your options. Make sure that it is easy to install in your PC’s case. You will know whether you’ll have an easier time installing it into your computer’s case if it specifically has provisions for the 200mm fan.

​It is also necessary to ensure that your chosen model facilitates proper airflow inside the case while also retaining the most ideal temperature for the functioning internal components.

Top 5 Best 200mm Case Fans Reviews




My Rating​

Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 - Sleeve Bearing 200mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases (Black)
Cooler Master MegaFlow 200

This case fan has the specifications allow excellent cooling and silent operation.

Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 - Sleeve Bearing 200mm Blue LED Silent Fan for Computer Cases
Cooler Master MegaFlow - Sleeve Bearing 200mm Blue LED

This bigger case fan are the optimal solution for modern high-tech systems.

Antec Big Boy 200 - 200mm Tricool Computer Case Fan
Antec Big Boy 200 - 200mm Tricool Computer Case Fan

With ground breaking 200mm design provides more cooling at lower speeds than smaller fans and longer life

BitFenix BFF-LPRO-20025R-RP Spectre Pro 200mm LED Case Fan, Red
BitFenix BFF-LPRO-20025R-RP Spectre Pro 200mm LED Case Fan
The Spectre Pro LED Fan with an all-new design and enhanced performance.
NZXT 200mm Silent Case Fan FS 200RB (Black/White)
NZXT 200mm Silent Case Fan FS 200RB

This 200mm case fans is perfect for keeping your PC temperatures under control whilst maintaining near silence.

Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm Case Fan

Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 - Sleeve Bearing 200mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases (Black)

My Rating

With its 700RPM/110CFM, Cooler Master MegaFlow can deliver higher airflow designed to maximize its cooling performance. It also operates quietly unlike the other models, especially those at lower sizes.


  • Has a nice red LED, which adds up to its appeal
  • Features a 3-pin connector as well as 3 to 4-pin adapter
  • Large fan, which further improves its performance and efficiency
  • Fan delivers excellent airflow, the fan is very quiet, so there is no need to install 2-3 small fans inside the case
  • Capable of moving a decent amount of air. This is a good thing because aside from preventing you from consuming too much space inside the case, you can also prevent the noise usually produced by several fans.


  • Somewhat stiff frame - Tightening the mounts might cause them to crack.
  • LED lights tend to be very prominent in the four corners - They tend to fade a bit when compared to the remaining parts of the fan. It’s better if it comes with evenly distributed lights.

Still, it is a good choice if what you’re looking for is the best 200mm case fan, which delivers well in terms of performance and operates silently. Offered at a fair price, you’ll know that its features can satisfy you.

Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 - Sleeve Bearing 200mm Blue LED Silent Fan for Computer Cases

My Rating

This is a big 200mm fan, which is capable of running at 700RPM. This further boosts its ability to produce higher air flow while keeping the noise level low. The features installed in the fan make sure that it will continuously dissipate heat well while promoting a more relaxing operation because of its guaranteed quietness. The MegaFlow fan has a diameter of 200mm and so it has a displacement volume of 184 m3/h - twice the volume of 140mm fans.


  • Works well with 230mm HAF mounts - This is a good thing especially if you want to have an easier time making upgrades.
  • Operates quietly - In comparison to stock case fans, this one is quieter.
  • Easy to install and fits perfectly in a case, even if its size is not exactly the same as the pre-installed one.
  • Performs well and does not produce too much vibrations.
  • Features nice looking LEDs
  • Inexpensive


  • Problems related on the screws – The screws seem to be larger than the holes in the body of the fan.
  • Does not feature a speed knob control

These are just minor drawbacks, though, compared to the many things that this 200mm case fan can do, as well as its useful features. The fact that it is inexpensive is also one of its strongest points.

Antec Big Boy 200 - 200mm Tricool Computer Case Fan

My Rating

Many consider this as the best 200mm computer case fan as its 200mm size and design makes it capable of providing higher cooling power. This power is noticeable even if you set the fan at low speeds.


  • Cooler than the smaller fans in the market today
  • Features a 3-speed switch, which you can use in keeping the right balance between sufficient cooling and silent performance
  • Has a double ball-bearing design, which is beneficial as it extends the life of the unit
  • Constructed out of sturdy plastic – This means that you no longer have to worry about the fan falling apart or breaking right away.
  • Has a Molex power cable, which is where you can find the 3-speed switch. You can use it to set the fan’s motor so it spins at 400, 600 or 900RPM. It also has the ability to move a lot of air.


  • Comes with flimsily mounted blue LED lights that are clustered around its motor. This causes a problem as it tends to produce an annoying clicking sound each time you switch the motor on.
  • Has a mounting hole pattern, which is not consistent with the typical gaming case.

Still, despite the mentioned drawbacks, note that it’s worthy to include in your list of options as it has several useful features.

BitFenix BFF-LPRO-20025R-RP Spectre Pro 200mm LED Case Fan, Red

My Rating

This model is part of the list of the best 200mm case fan as it packs a lot of power while also holding several useful features. It is of solid construction and features a duel frame design.


  • Designed in such a way that it minimizes contact points between the impeller base and mount housing - This helps lessen vibration.
  • Delivers three times more static pressure and air movement when you compare it to the Mega flow model it replaced.
  • The LED built into the unit features a LED lead, making it possible for you to deactivate the lights anytime. You may also connect the lead into the LED switch, as this aids in regulating the light of the front fans.
  • Features excellent LED lighting against gray or black smoked blades


  • Some users find the LED too bright. However, if you’re not that sensitive, you can easily get used to this and find it actually attractive.
  • Quite too big, which is one of the main reasons why it does not effectively fit in all cases.

Still, note that the fact that this 200mm case fan is solid, durable and quiet makes it a great investment.

NZXT 200mm Silent Case Fan FS 200RB (Black/White)

My Rating

This 200mm case fan from the NZXT series is designed in such a way that it can deliver the highest level of airflow while still ensuring that it maintains its quiet profile. You can expect these fans to be compatible with all NZXT cases provided they support the 200mm sizes.


  • Boasts of an 89.5 CFM rating, which means that it has optimal airflow
  • Well-built - It has an attractive look and you will not have a hard time installing it.
  • Has a blue LED light, as well as an easy to use on and off switch
  • The 11-blade rifle bearings and the sleeved cables of this fan make it even more capable of delivering great performance.
  • Large size, which ensures that it can provide you with maximum airflow


  • It won’t fit other cases aside from the NZXT brand.
  • Mounting points are a bit uncomfortable for thermal cases.
  • Has noticeable noise levels when you set it under full load, although the noise is not as excessive as the smaller models.

Still, it’s a reliable 200mm fan, so it’s worthwhile to check it out and invest on it.


When searching for the best 200mm case fan, the first step you have to take is to conduct extensive research about all your options. Make sure that you’re fully knowledgeable about the features, benefits, specifications and other information relevant to the product. This can transform you into a more informed buyer.

​Your knowledge about your different options will also ensure that you’ll be making a wise choice. It can help you pick the best 200mm case fan, which is guaranteed to remove heat from your computer and prevent it from building up inside. This gives you the chance to protect your unit from overheating and the potential damages that come with it.